A Hampton Primary School Pupil is Different

They leave with the self-confidence and tools required to create an outstanding future for themselves

At Hampton we aim to provide the best educational opportunities for the boys and girls who choose to join us. We try to give them personal care and attention. We also try to provide a happy, caring and vibrant environment within which our enthusiastic and dedicated staff try to teach the pupils to learn and to achieve. We expect our pupils to work hard, to think for themselves, to respect others, to co-operate and to be creative in their outlook.

Subjects taught in our Primary School

  • English

  • Maths

  • French

  • Science

  • History & Geography

  • Information Technology

  • Art

  • Oriental Languages

  • Physical Education

But wait, there's more...

  • Moral Science

  • Citizenship

  • Yoga

  • Karate

  • Cooking

  • Music & Drama

We were looking for a private English medium Primary School in Mauritius and after visiting several we chose Hampton Primary School. Looking at the curriculum including extra curricular activities and talking with them, we felt that this is perhaps the only primary school offering a true British style education. My daughter settled into the school without any problems. Whatever concerns I have or had, it is always dealt very quickly by the school administration staff. Most important, however, my daughter loves going to Hampton school so I feel without a doubt I made the right choice.Mr & Mrs Orethu
The answer is YES
  • Is Hampton an English medium Primary School?
  • Does Hampton Primary School follow a British style curriculum?
  • My child only speaks French, can they join?
  • Will they be able to cope?
  • Are the class sizes kept small?
  • Do parents receive feedback about their child's progress throughout the year?
  • Are parents-teachers held meeting each year?
  • Does the school issue regular newsletters to parents?
  • Do pupils use higher standard foreign text books?
  • Are additional worksheets issued to pupils?
  • Are all Hampton School pupils issued with a school diary?
  • Is French taught?
  • Do pupils in class 6 sit for the Certificate of Primary Education (CPE)?
  • Do Hampton Primary School pupils take the Alliance Francais exam?
  • Do they also take the Young Cambridge Learners exam?
  • Are specialist teachers used for Music, Oriental languages and Physical Education?
  • Is Oriental Languages optional?
  • Do pupils go for swimming lessons?
  • Do pupils go on field trips?
  • Are they given project work during the holidays?
  • Do pupils take part in national events and competitions?
  • Do pupils have to wear a school uniform?
  • Do guest speakers or organizations visit through the year to give talks to the pupils?
  • Does the school offer a school bus service?
  • Is Hampton School a member of Association for Childhood Education International?
  • Is Hampton School a member of The Pre-school Learning Alliance?
  • Will my child love Hampton?
When we returned from England one of our biggest concerns was where to send our daughter and son to school. Thankfully, we found Hampton Primary School. We're very happy with the quality of education the school provides and the standard of the teachers. The school has been excellent with our children, providing individual learning plans and special classes so they can learn French. Both our daughter and son are progressing just as well as they were in England. Because its an English medium school they had no problem making friends and so they're happy. As parents Hampton School, Mauritius has delivered on all my requirements—Thank you Hampton!J Chandel

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