10 Reasons To Enroll Your Child in Day care ASAP

Day care providers are more than just babysitters—they are educators and nurturers who prepare toddlers for their next step in life.

Here are some facts that you may not known about day care centers.

  1. Children will be less likely to develop symptoms of depression because of the time they've spent getting positive feedback from other adults—Day care staff. When you are stressed out from work, your child recognizes that and may develop symptoms of their own. Attending day care gives them opportunities to have fun and less worrying about problems at home.
  2. Social interaction with other children ensures your child is prepared for different personalities and behaviors of others. Children who are more sheltered tend to become more selfish and less empathetic towards other children. Making friends early in a child's development is crucial to avoiding unnecessary social problems later on.
  3. A good day care center can make your job as a parent much easier, especially when school starts. Your child will become used to doing things on schedule rather than on their demand. They will have set times for playing, napping, eating and cleaning up. Children need a routine. It improves their behavior and makes rewards feel more fulfilling. This ultimately prepares them to respect teachers as they would their parents.
  4. Kids have an almost unlimited amount of energy during the day. Putting them in a day care is a good way to keep them engaged and constructive with their energy. A babysitter could do the same if they're really good but these types of babysitters are incredibly rare.
  5. Children who start day care center at a young age are getting a head-start before they even reach Pre-Primary. Most day care providers will start kids learning basic motor skills and cognitive functions by providing children with toys and games that teach them while they play. Playing is a form of learning and this is the right approach to getting kids excited about school.
  6. Experienced Day care staff can give you the peace of mind that babysitters may not if you don't have a long history of working with them. Day cares have to abide by certain regulations and have emergency training in order to stay in business.
  7. Day care is not just great for children, but excellent for their parents as well! When your child attends Day care, you can meet other parents that are facing the same challenges and experiencing the same joys. This support network will be critical as your child gets older.
  8. Kids who aren't attached to their parents 24/7 past toddler age are much more self-confident and independent. They will be more used to getting themselves ready for school, cleaning up after themselves, and wanting to do things on their own.
  9. The constant social interaction keeps your child grounded, teaches them respect, and how to get along with others. Sharing usually comes naturally to children growing up, however, if your child doesn't have constant interaction with kids their age, they may develop insecure habits. Day care will expose them to the pros of the "give and take" concept and how it feels even better to give, rather than receive.
  10. As a parent, you want your child to be strong and have a sense of self-confidence and self-worth. The best way you can start them on this exciting journey of self-discovery and to learn about the world around them is to send them to Day care.
Hampton Day care is an English medium day care centre.

If you have concerns that starting your toddler on a second language too early will slow down their development of their mother tongue, it turns out, the opposite is true. "Learning another language actually enhances a child's overall verbal development," says Roberta Michnick Golinkoff Ph.D., author of How Babies Talk.

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