Our English Medium Day Care Centre

Is Designed With Your Child's Fun, Safety and Childhood Education In Mind

Your child's education needs to be the number one priority. With a good education, your child will achieve his or her dreams. That education starts from day one at Hampton.

  • Entry for:

    Boys & Girls

    18 months - 3 years

  • Location:

    Wooton, Curepipe

  • Drop off times

    7:30am - 4pm

  • Days of the week

    Monday to Friday

Subjects we teach in our Day care

  • English

  • Music and Movement

  • Understanding our World

  • Storytelling

  • Handwriting

  • Physical Development

My child is very happy at Hampton Day Care centre and seems to be progressing very well indeed. She loves her teachers and talks about them fondly at home. Both my wife and myself are very happy we choose Hampton Day Care especially when we hear our daughter speaking English at home.Simon Singh
I looked at many day care centres in the center of Mauritius before I choose Hampton and I know I made the right decision to send my son there. Teachers are excellent and give a daily report on how my son is progressing but also I can see when he comes home he has mastered some basic English words and other essential skills.Mrs Chauhan
  • Quality and Caring Staff

    Our day care staff are trained in childhood education so they know the stages of childhood development. Through constant observation they will recognize your childs achievements, identify their individual needs and nature them accordingly.

  • Teaching times

    Instruction is given between 8.30 am to 3.00 pm. Our day care pupils follow a structured curriculum which will prepare them for our Pre-Primary school

  • Safe & Secure facilities

    Our day care facilities are amongst the finest in Mauritius. Each child has their own individual named cot and cuby hole. The cot room is constantly monitored by our staff. Additionally, the room has a large soft flooring area where children play, listen to stories and sing. These activities aim to boost your child's confidence and to help develop their individual personalities.

  • Structured Activities

    Our centre include a nice mix of activities during the day to teach different skills such as signing, dancing and storytelling. Opportunities to be creative are provided through art. These activities are structured to help develop the childs understanding of the world around the them and encourage them to develop their language and confidence.

My child spent 3 years in Hampton's Day Care centre. Our daughter came from a Creole speaking background but the staff assured us she would be able to cope and prosper. I can say she has, confident in speaking English and we are very proud of her achievements.D. Salim
My child had a great time in your Day care. The daily reports were helpful, staff were friendly and the curriculum helped my child progres to Pre-Primary with no problems. Taruna
The answer is YES
  • Is Hampton day care an English medium centre?
  • My child only speaks French, can they join?
  • Will they be able to cope?
  • Are the day care staff qualified to look after young children?
  • Will I be allowed to meet with the day care staff?
  • Does every child have their own bed?
  • Does every child have their own cubby hole?
  • Is there a soft area for them to play?
  • Does Hampton Day care really issue written daily feedback reports to parents?
  • Does the day care have a structured curriculum just like Pre-Primary?
  • Are worksheets and books given to day care pupils?
  • Does the curriculum stimulate creative and include imaginative play?
  • After completing day care will my child be comfortable in an English mediun environment?
  • Does the day care department stay open during school holidays?
  • Are parents given termly progress reports?
  • Are parents-teachers held meeting each year?
  • Does the school issue regular newsletters to parents?
  • Is Hampton School a member of National Day Nurseries Association?
  • Is Hampton School a member of Association for Childhood Education International?
  • Is Hampton School a member of The Pre-school Learning Alliance?
  • Will my child love Hampton Day care?

Our passionate teachers will quickly connect with you and your child

Our staff are fully trained and educated in the terms of development for children. No matter what age your child is—whether six months or coming up to full-time school—our carers will know how to stimulate development and identify individual needs.

Still wondering about day care? Contact us today to enrol your child or find out why you should choose Hampton School. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have.

If you feel your child is too young to start day care, here are 10 reasons to enroll your child in day care asap

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