Our Pre-Primary School lays the foundation for all future learning

which is why we pay attention to every detail

At Hampton, from day one, your child will learn to read, write and speak in English. The national Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) exams are all written in English—bar the French exam so it makes sense for children to be taught English right away.

Subjects we teach in our Pre-Primary

  • English

  • Maths

  • French

  • Physical Development

  • Storytelling

  • Handwriting

But wait, there's more...

  • Cooking

  • Karate

  • Music and Movement

One Stop School

Once your child completes their Pre-Primary education they will transition to our Primary School. In our Primary Department your child will receive the following qualifications:

  1. PSAC Qualification National Exam
  2. Young Cambridge Learners Certificate International Exam
  3. Alliance Francais Certificate International Exam

When your child graduates from Hampton School, they will have ALL THE QUALIFICATIONS NECESSARY TO SUCCEED on the next step of their academic journey.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Hampton Pre-Primary School has been fantastic for my daughter. The small class room sizes and attention given by the teachers and assistants has really made a big difference in my daughters' behaviour and also development. I am always surprised and delighted to listen to her speak to me in English. Thank you Hampton School, Mauritius.Mr Falodiya
The answer is YES
  • Is Hampton Pre-Primary an English Medium School?
  • My child only speaks French, can they join?
  • Will they be able to cope?
  • Will my child eventually learn French when they join Primary?
  • Does the Pre-Primary follow a British style curriculum?
  • Are the class sizes kept small?
  • Does the teacher have a teaching assistant in the class?
  • Are parents allowed to visit the class teacher?
  • Do parents receive feedback about their child's progress throughout the year?
  • Are parents-teachers held meeting each year?
  • Does the school issue regular newsletters to parents?
  • Do pupils even in Pre-Primary use the higher standard foreign text books?
  • Do pupils in Pre-Primary take part in school drama shows?
  • Do pupils have to wear a school uniform?
  • Does the school offer a school bus service?
  • Is Hampton School a member of Association for Childhood Education International?
  • Is Hampton School a member of The Pre-school Learning Alliance?
  • Will my child love Hampton?
I am writing to tell you how delighted we are with our son's progress. He was a student at Hampton Pre-Primary School. He had a fruitful and rich learning experience in both the lower and upper departments and we can see just how ahead he is when compared to children from other schools. We have watched our son mature and develop and look forward now to him joining Hampton's Primary Department.Mr Elahi
If you would like to enrol your child or know more about our admission procedure please call either 465-5229 or 670-7595 or message us below
Your child deserves the best. Enrolling at Hampton is easier than you may think. If you have any questions about our Pre-Primary School, please contact us using the form below.

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