Hampton School News 2009

Outstanding results - 100% pass rate for CPE Exams!

Term 3

We are delighted to announce our class 6 pupils have all passed their CPE exams with excellent grades.A majority of them received A+ and A grades and have gained admission to some of the most prestigious and highly regarded colleges in Mauritius such as Royal College, St Esprit, Queen Elizabeth and Dr Maurice Curé.

"This has been an outstanding year" said our Head teacher. "It is extremely pleasing to know that our pupils have gained places at some of the most competitive colleges in the country and are so well placed in terms of progressing to the next stage of their academic life. Congratulations to all our class 6 pupils, their teacher and parents for their hard work and effort—Well done"

A night of great laughs and entertainment

Term 3

As in previous years our End of Year Ceremony was a night of great laughs and entertainment. We combined our Graduation ceremony and Diwali show in such an innovative way that it took many parents by surprise! It was an absolutely fabulous night for everyone involved with Hampton School and we feel very proud of our students and staff. The DVD of the show is now available for purchase from the school.

School's sports day is major success

Term 2

Even the bad weather could not dampen the enthusiasm and spirit of our pupils, parents and our guests at our annual sports day. With a variety of traditional and more imaginative activities than previous Sports Days, Lupton House proved to be the eventual winners. We would like to thank all those who contributed to making this event such a success and memorable day.

Bruno Julie visits the school for our Father's & Music Day Assembly

Term 2

We were delighted to have Mauritius First Olympic Medal Winner Bruno Julie in attendance for our Father's and Music Day Assembly. The Assembly included an enjoyable and entertaining mix of songs, sketches and recitals performed by the students. DVD copies of the day will be made available.

Taking part in Fête du Pain

Term 2

Pupils invited to take part in the Fete du Pain festivities organised by the Municipality of Curepipe

It was a proud day for Hampton School, Curepipe as two of our pupils from our Pre-Primary department were invited to take part in the Fete du Pain festivities organised by the Municipality of Curepipe. The event highlighted the importance of bread and Bakers. As part of the festivities, our students were asked to dress up as a Baker and produce an educative art piece with bread as the theme. It was a memorable day for our young pupils as they were able to take to the stage and to showcase their artwork to the public. They were thus able to contribute in their own way to the success of the event. There was also an opportunity for them to meet and be congratulated by the Mayor of Curepipe for their outstanding efforts.

Hampton School - Official FIFA grassroots participants

Term 2

Mauritius FIFA Grassroots Project

We are delighted and proud to announce our participation in the FIFA grassroots project which has been designed to revive and promote youth football in the hope of discovering new talent for the future. We look forward to a successful showing by our class 5 football team.

Our National Day Celebration Was a Big Success

Term 1

Mauritius National Day 2009 Celebrations at Hampton School

Hampton pupils took to the field today to celebrate National Day. An important holiday in Mauritius, National Day celebrates two important events. First, it honors the day in 1968 that the country gained its independence from the United Kingdom. Second, it celebrates the day that the Republic of Mauritius was formed back in 1992.

Because we are an English Medium Primary School in Mauritius, Hampton is proud to be able to help our pupils celebrate this important national holiday. We were honoured to welcome Professor Finette, who read the Prime Minister's speech.

In addition to celebrating Mauritius today, the occasion was a great way for our pupils to learn about Mauritius's past. They were able to learn about the struggles of previous generations, as well as perform these lessons as a dramatic sketch. We believe that learning about all that has happened before made our pupils grateful. We hope it will inspire them to make a difference of their own.

It was a very lovely day and will be remembered for a long time. We look forward to celebrating National Day with our pupils again next year!

Hampton School win 1st and 3rd prize in Regional Poetry Competition

Term 1

To celebrate Mauritius 40th year of independence, the Quatre Bornes Municipality invited class six students of the area to compete in a poetry recital competition with the independence of Mauritius as the theme. Both private and state schools entered their best students and the competition was very tough. It is, therefore, gives us great pleasure and immense satisfaction to say that our pupils won both the first and the third prize. Each collected a cash prize and a trophy for their efforts.