Hampton School News 2010

Hampton School Interviewed by MBC to Discuss Child Safety

Term 3

Hampton Primary School was recently honoured, when Mauritius Broadcasting Corp (MBC) selected our staff to discuss child safety and security in day care centres.

Our head teacher, aware of the required leadership to reassure students, staff and parents, reiterated the safety and security measures programs already in place at Hampton.

Reinforcing school safety ranges from being visible, greetings students and parents and visiting classrooms; providing needs assessment based training for staff; and conducting annual formal reviews of all child safety and security programs. This process is crucial to ensure emerging safety and security issues are adequately covered. We also emphasize the important role pupils, staff and parents have in promoting school safety by following our procedures.

Our Nativity Play was a perfect way to end the year

Term 3

Hampton School Nativity Play

Our pupils came together to perform a lovely nativity play for their parents. The play helped them to learn the Christian story of Jesus' birth. It also taught them about the importance of the Christmas holiday. Putting on a play is a fun, hands-on way for our pupils to learn about the story that inspired the traditions surrounding this holiday. Besides telling the story of the first Christmas, a nativity play is a Christmas tradition for many people who celebrate it.

As a private primary school in Mauritius, one of our goals is to help teach pupils about the many religions of the world. This also helps them better understand and respect people of those faiths.

The nativity play went very well. Parents loved it and it was a wonderful way to end an exciting and productive school year.

Hampton Pupils Attend International Book Fair

Term 2

In our commitment to promote reading, Hampton Primary School regularly schedules our pupils to attend the Mauritius Book Fair. This year, students were fortunate to meet an internationally published author at the event. The author read from her latest book, as well as made time to meet and speak with our pupils. We're pleased to share that our young pupils made such a positive impression on the author, she graciously donated one of her published books to the school before leaving. We would like to take this opportunity to thank her again for her generosity.

Sports Day a Great Success

Term 2

Our annual Sports Day event was a great success thanks to the support of the guests of honours, parents and friends of Hampton Primary School. Your support made this event special for all who attended. Many of our alumni were present to support their siblings, which we were particularly pleased to see. Our goal was to provide a challenging and fun Sports Day for all of our students and we congratulate this year's winners, Ruskin House.

As many of you already know, our sports program is an integral part of our curriculum. In addition to sports being a source of fun for our children, we understand, as a private English speaking school, sports also has a healthy, positive effect in several areas including physical, psychological, social, character, cognitive and academic development.

Again, thanks to everyone who participated and contributed their time and effort. We look forward with much anticipation to next year's event.

Mother's Day at Hampton was great!

Term 2

Mother's Day Assembly at Hampton School 2011

Our pupils in our Primary Department put on a wonderful Mother's Day Assembly for the rest of the school. Mother's Day is special occasion for all pupils. It is a time to give gifts to their mothers as appreciation for their tireless help, love and understanding. It's not just about great presents though—welcome though they are— it's also a great opportunity to show how deeply mothers are cared for.

The Mother's Day Assembly was a great day at Hampton School and will remembered and cherished for many years to come.

Protection of Animals Welfare Society (PAWS) Visits Hampton Primary School

Term 1

Our commitment to enhance our students' learning beyond the classroom curriculum was evident with the recent visit of PAWS.

We enjoy scheduling guest speakers with expertise in a particular area to ensure our students have the opportunity to receive relevant and reliable information on subjects that may not be readily available in a textbook.

As a private school we feel it's crucial that our pupils are aware of animal protection rights, which is why we welcomed the recent visit from PAWS. Our pupils need to understand that cruelty to animals is a crime and is an unacceptable behaviour at any age. Animal neglect is also an important topic, since so many children enjoy having pets, but sometimes forget that the proper care of their pet is a long term commitment. Helping our pupils recognize this will help make them more caring citizens.