Hampton School News 2011

Hampton celebrates 100% pupil pass rate for the CPE exams

Term 3

Hampton School are once again celebrating another year of excellent CPE exam results. 100% of our pupils who entered passed with good grades across the board. A majority of our pupils gained A+ or A in all of their subjects and were able to gain admission into the star colleges such as Royal College, Collège du Saint Esprit and Queen Elizabeth Secondary School to name a few. The head teacher was understandably delighted with the results. "All Hampton School year 6 pupils are to be congratulated on their results this year and we are delighted to celebrate their success. These excellent results are a tribute to a great deal of hard work by the staff and the pupils and they have reaped handsome dividends. Most of our pupils have obtained an excellent set of results with a majority of pupils gaining at least three A+ or A grades"

Our Healthy Eating Workshop

Term 2

Thank you to all the Parents who attended our Healthy Eating Workshop. The intention of the workshop was to help parents become better informed when it comes to preparing pack lunches for their children. We were able to secure to two distinguished key note speakers. One was a Nutritionist from the Ministry of Children and Welfare and the other speaker was a senior member from the Ministry of Education.

A healthy pack lunch is important for young pupils because it gives parents a better handle on exactly what their children are eating. Typically it includes a good balance of fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy. Nutritionists suggest fruits such as apples, bananas and oranges. Vegetables suggested are peppers, celery and carrots. Meats that are suggested could be cold cuts (with whole grain bread) or meatloaf. Dairy can be covered with milk, yogurt or cottage cheese.

At Hampton School we are committed to working hand in hand with parents for the benefit of our pupils and we hope to put on another workshop in the near future. We believe that a pack lunch is the base of a good relationship between the parent and the child, between the parent and the teacher and most obviously the child and their school work. By having the proper nutrition, a child will have all the energy they need to put all of their energy into their school work. They will feel more focused if there are the right vitamins and minerals powering their bodies. Focused children will help Hampton to remain one the best Private English Speaking School in Mauritius and to continue a long tradition of excellent results in the national CPE exams.

Primary School Pupils inivited to the Mauritian Stamp Exhibition

Term 1

Hampton School pupils were recently invited by the Mauritius Post to attend the Mauritian stamp exhibition. We were extremely honoured to have the unique opportunity of bringing our Primary school pupils to the exhibition, giving them an experience which they enjoyed thoroughly.

Upon arriving at the Mauritian stamp exhibition, the students were able see the entire collection of stamps which have been issued in Mauritius over the many years. In addition our pupils were also given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of meeting the Minister of Communication. They were able to ask questions and get them answered directly by the minister himself! They also met with the Chairman of Mauritius post, which was another unique and informative experience to say the least.

Our Primary pupils certainly made everyone connected to Hampton School very proud when they were chosen to be interviewed by the Mauritian Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). After the interview was conducted, it was broadcast on the evening news.

As always, at Hampton School, we strive to deliver outstanding education through unique and engaging activities that the pupils are really able to engage with.