Hampton School News 2012

School Celebrates 100% Pupil Pass Rate For 2012 CPE Exams

Term 3

Hampton School is extremely proud to announce another year of excellent CPE exam results. During the 2012 exam cycle, 20 pupils sat for the CPE. Due to the commitment and preparation by these pupils, not only did 25% of them achieve a perfect grade of A+ in all subjects, but all of them earned grades of ONLY A+ or A in English, as well as grades of ONLY A+, A or B in French.

We are also excited that a majority of our students gained admission to star colleges. There's no doubt that the effort of the school and staff were paramount to the success of our pupils but our pupils' commitment to study their lessons was also necessary to achieve these grades. Our head teacher concurred, "All our year 6 pupils are to be congratulated on their results this year and we are delighted to celebrate their success."

Sandwich Week at Hampton School

Term 2

As a private school, we actively engage our pupils to learn about important events, and teach them the knowledge they need to understand why these events are important. We are happy to announce that primary and pre-primary pupils took part in Sandwich Week. Sandwich Week focuses on celebrating and recognizing the inventor of the sandwich, John Montague and the importance the humble sandwich plays in our day to day lives.

We believe that it is important for the pupils of Hampton to learn the importance of cooking while at a young age. Cooking is a passion and a necessity, and too many children go without knowing how to make a basic sandwich. Through unique events like Sandwich week, we are able to celebrate food with the pupils and help them to understand the importance of cooking and making food. Sandwich week was a great learning opportunity for our Pre-Primary and Primary pupils and we are all looking forward to celebrating the event next year.

The Vice Prime Minister of Mauritius visits Hampton School!

Term 1

On the 9th of March, 2012, pupils at Hampton Pre-Primary and Primary School celebrated the Mauritius National Independence Day. This was a big event for the pupils and staff of Hampton and lots of preparation and planning went into the events.

On this special occasion we were privileged to have the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development, the Honourable Xavier Luc Duval, as one of the guests of honour. Whilst at the event Xavier Luc Duval delivered a speech to all attendees. As a thank you the pupils at Hampton School treated the Vice Prime Minister, parents and others attendees to a show which included a dramatic sketch and a couple of dance numbers. The pupils really enjoyed this and so did the Vice Prime Minister. He found them to be very entertaining and a great way to celebrate the day.

We were also truly delighted to have a centenarian visit our school and we feel very honoured that he took part in our event by raising the National Flag. The centenarian also talked to the pupils and parents about the changes in the island that he has witness during his lifetime, which was a very special talk.

Another great feature of this special day was that it was filmed and shown on the national news. This was another proud moment and day for all pupils and staff at Hampton Primary School and it will be remembered for a long time.

Pre-Primary and Primary School Pupils hands on for Fire Safety Week

Term 1

The local fire brigade visited Hampton school to give an important talk on fire safety to our pre-primary and primary school pupils. Every pupil had the opportunity to sit inside a real fire engine and examine the equipment. They were also given the opportunity to ask questions and understand what it is like to fight fire on a daily basis.

As a private school we feel a sense of duty to teach children the fundamental health and safety advice they need to progress through life. We are constantly striving to deliver an exciting and comprehensive curriculum, and one of the ways we deliver this is through third-party special guests delivering talks. We believe that education should come in a unique and engaging manner, that actively engages the pupils so this is hopefully just one of the many special guest appearances that we have planned for the near future. We are happily looking forward to the next event, and hope our pupils are too!

Easter at Hampton School

Term 1

Easter is a one of the happiest celebrations that can be enjoyed both by children and adults alike. All our pupils from the Day care, Pre-Primary, and Primary Department took part in this joyous Easter celebration.

We prepared a number of activities to exercise and showcase our pupils resourcefulness and creativity. We hope some of these activities such as the egg race, treasure hunt, making and exchanging of easter cards create lasting memories which our pupils can bring up until their adulthood. As part of the occasion, Pre-Primary and Primary pupils also listened to a talk facilitated by the local church minister. In this talk, the pupils had some significant takeaways about the meaning and importance of Easter.

At Hampton we make we constantly help our pupils to grow in a manner where they learn to recognize and respect the various religions and traditions of different people around the world.

Pancake Day at Hampton School!

Term 1

Pancake Day is not any ordinary day! It is a day filled with fun learning and provides for a great school environment and atmosphere.

As a private school our comprehensive curriculum covers such events that are not typically touched upon in state schools. This is why pupils across Hampton in both Pre-Primary and Primary departments took part in Pancake Day through different activities. These activities included cooking pancakes, having pancake races, designing and creating the main school exhibition wall and learning about the tradition of the occasion.

It is important for the pupils of Hampton School to know about Pancake Day as it is a cultural event and tradition. It is also known as Shrove Tuesday and is observed in many countries before the start of Lent. Pancakes are important for this as they symbolize all of the ingredients that most foods are made from; sugar, fat, flour, eggs.

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the pupils at Hampton. It was a fantastic learning opportunity for them as it gave them a better understanding of the tradition and also how to make pancakes. Everyone at the School are looking forward to celebrate the tradition again next year.

Hampton School celebrates Chinese New Year

Term 1

Chinese New Year is a national holiday in Mauritius and a special occasion. In addition to learning about the day in their Citizenship class, the pupils in day-care, pre-primary and the primary school took part in activities ranging from making dragon masks and Chinese lanterns to writing Chinese characters. They also had the opportunity to dress in traditional Chinese costumes and performed their Chinese New Year parade as part of a special assembly.

At Hampton School we work hard to plan and organise fun activities around world cultures because we believe it is crucial for our pupils to appreciate the differences in people and their traditions.