Hampton School News 2013

School Achieves 100% Pupil Pass Rate For 2013 CPE Exams

Term 3

Hampton School Pupils Pass CPE with 100% pass rate

We are delighted to announce a 100% student pass rate in the CPE exams. It gives us great pride knowing our pupils have achieved very high scores which has granted them admission to the star colleges in Mauritius.

Preparing our pupils for the CPE exam is a daunting task. Our pupils' results would not be possible without a consistent, high level of commitment from our school and staff. Our head teacher agreed, "These excellent results are a tribute to a great deal of hard work by the staff and the pupils and they have reaped handsome dividends. Most of our pupils have obtained an excellent set of results and should be congratulated."

School Celebrates International Day of Older Persons

Term 3

We recently held a morning assembly to celebrate International Day of Older Persons. Parents attending the event were entertained by all of our pupils from the Day Care, Pre-Primary and Primary Department.

International Day of Older Persons is observed annually on October 1st. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon stated, "By 2050, the number of older persons will be twice the number of children in developed countries, and the number of older persons in developing countries is expected to double. This trend will have profound effects on countries and individuals."

Commemorating International Day of Older Persons is a fantastic learning experience for our pupils because we are able to educate them and bring to their attention the particular needs and challenges faced by many older people in today's society. We want our pupils to be aware of and appreciate the many contributions older persons make to society.

Everyone had a great time at this year's event and we look forward to celebrating International Day of Older Persons next year.

Sport's Day at Hampton

Term 2

This years Sports Day was slightly different; with a variety of traditional and even more creative activities than the past. We were honoured by the presence of the Minister of Housing and Land—Dr A. Kasenally and Mr. Dwarka of the ICTA. Congratulations to Bentham House who proved to be the eventual winners this year.

Sports are an integral part of our curriculum. It instils lessons that are essential to life. Through sports, pupils learn discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, teamwork, achieve better test scores, and produce lower absenteeism. Pupils also receive a sense of appreciation and involvement in the community.

In all, this years Sports Day was a great success. We thank everyone who participated and contributed their time and look forward with much anticipation to next years event.

World Red Cross Day at Hampton

Term 1

It was a memorable day at Hampton as we invited the Mauritius World Cross team to give a talk about World Red Cross Day.

World Red Cross Day is celebrated on May 8, the birthday of Henry Dunant, founder of the Red Cross. It is a day when tribute is given to the volunteers and their contributions towards helping people in need. It is also a day which symbolises peace and humanity.

The talk was a wonderful learning opportunity for our pupils to understand the importance of common values, friendship and peace and how they can actively make the world a better place. This is an important part of developing them as responsible citizens which is why as a private school we constantly work hard to organise such talks around world events.

Mauritius National Independence Day at Hampton School

Term 1

There is nothing like celebrating your own nation's Independence Day but the true meaning behind the holiday can sometimes get lost with the excitement of fireworks and parades. The Independence Day is a very significant event and one that everyone should understand.

In fact, there is no better day to teach even the youngest children the factual meaning behind this event, by exploring its history and instilling pride for their country.

As a result, a lot of event preparation and planning were made by the pupils and staff at Hampton Pre-Primary and Primary School to welcome the Mauritius National Independence Day. Our pupils worked hard to arrange several drama sketches which were performed before an eager audience. They expressed their take on what they thought of the meaning behind National Day was, and shared some amazing dance numbers which were enjoyed by everyone.

History will never stop being written and we rely on our younger generations to preserve it as do we on them to create the next chapters. We look forward to celebrating it again for years to come. All praise goes to the pupils and staff of Hampton for their efforts in creating such a memorable event.

Special Cultural Talks Arranged

Term 1

Festive holidays always bring excitement into the air. This term, our pupils had the pleasure to welcome both the Chinese New Year and Easter holidays. Such important events called for special arrangements; and as an independent school, we could not let these special holidays go by without organizing special talks and activities for our wonderful pupils.

It is vital that children are made aware of the world's different cultures and religions. Therefore, in celebration of the Chinese New Year and Easter holidays, the school presented talks themed around these two respective events.

Fun and exciting activities were also carried out, such as, making Chinese lanterns and exchanging Easter cards. These exercises not only showcased our pupil's creativity and resourcefulness, but also educated them about the diverse yet rich world we all live in. The exciting learning environment further stimulated and enhanced their understanding of diversity, building positive identities, and a respect for different cultures - values that will be carried with them well into adulthood.