Hampton Primary School News 2020

Hampton celebrates World Food Day

Term 2

Hampton pupils observed World Food Day

Last week at Hampton, our pupils observed World Food Day. It was an exciting and insightful event that opened the eyes of our pupils to the role of food and nutrition in the world.

By participating in this event, our pupils were inspired to learn about the complex issues of hunger and malnutrition that are plaguing the world, especially in developing countries. Furthermore, we seized the moment to emphasize why healthy eating is important for physical and mental growth and development.

At Hampton School, we are concerned about the all-round development of our pupils and by empowering them with the knowledge to make healthy diet choices, we are laying a foundation for them to be healthy and productive members of society in the future.

Pupils also had to research foods from different countries and cultures. As they discussed their findings, it was apparent that they had gained a richer experience and a deeper appreciation for the inherent diversity in our world.

From talks and classroom discussions to creative arts and fun games, we were able to harmonize different methods to explore the significance of World Food Day. That shows Hampton’s commitment to taking a holistic approach to learning.

At Hampton, teaching isn’t just about passing information to pupils. It’s about delivering effective, engaging, and fun tutelage that will equip our pupils as future leaders while creating treasured memories they can hold on to.


World Teachers Day

Term 2

Hampton pupils showing their teachers just how much they mean to them

This year's celebration of World Teachers day was an exciting event at Hampton. Our pupils took different initiatives to appreciate the important roles the teachers are playing in shaping their lives.

World Teachers Day marks the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 UNESCO Recommendations concerning the Status of Teachers. It sets standards regarding the rights and responsibilities of teachers. It was first observed way back in 1994 and has been held annually ever since on October 5.

Our pupils put on an impromptu assembly where they thanked their teachers for their efforts, through songs and skits. Aside from being hilarious, it was a deeply emotional moment for teachers to see how much affection and respect the pupils had for them.

But the pupils had more in store! Many of them had taken the time during lunch time to create beautiful cards and hand-made objects for their class teachers. The big smiles on the faces of the teachers as they received their gifts was a glorious sight.

Teachers play an incredible role in shaping the future of society as it is the one profession that creates all other professions. At Hampton, we realize that and that's why we value the inputs our world-class teachers bring.

We would like to wish all the teachers of Hampton School and all the teachers around the world a Happy Teacher's Day. The heroic efforts of teachers everywhere are commendable and serve as an inspiration to us all.


Grandparents make the world a little warmer

Term 2

Hampton pupils performing on TV without fear

We recently held a Grandparents' day event at Hampton. It was a day for our pupils to celebrate their grandparents that they love so much.

Grandparents bring love, joy, and wisdom to the lives of their grandchildren. Through this event, children learned not to take the efforts of their grandparents for granted. We emphasized the importance of being appreciative through thoughtful acts of kindness. But more than that, they learned the importance of respecting all senior members of society.

Older people who receive affection and respect from children experience positive mood changes and a substantial increase in vitality. Furthermore, it reduces the feeling of loneliness, makes them feel like active participants in society, and increases self-love.

With great excitement, the pupils made several crafts for their grandparents as part of their art class; from cardboard grannies to handwritten cards, where they wrote the sweetest words to their grandparents.

At Hampton, we understand the importance of seizing moments like this to teach our pupils invaluable life lessons. We instilled in them, through fun exercises, the importance of appreciating and respecting their grandparents, and elders in general. Our deepest desire is to give our pupils a broad and well-balanced education.

Hampton School believes that the all-round learning we provide will equip our pupils for success as they navigate through life.


Hampton School Pupils on MBC

Term 2

Hampton pupils performing on TV without fear

Our pupils filled us with immense pride as they confidently performed a 30-minute skit at the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation Studio (MBC). The skit was an original Hampton School creation that highlighted the importance of keeping our oceans clean and free of plastics.

More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year. As a result, fishes, seabirds, sea turtles, and other marine life either become entangled in or ingest plastic debris, causing suffocation, starvation, and drowning. Unfortunately, it takes about 450 years for these plastic wastes to decompose in the ocean.

At Hampton, part of our duty is educating pupils of the most complex environmental challenges we face as a society. We have found drama to be an effective tool in demystifying these complexities. That’s why it is integral to our curriculum.

Aside from learning about the damages plastics cause to marine life through this skit, the pupils were also involved in the drama production process; from the creation of props to stage handwork, dancing, and even directing!

In addition to that, the pupils performed two dance numbers that emphasized the importance of washing their hands during these unprecedented times and a song performance for World Literacy Day.

We would like to thank MBC for giving us a warm welcome and airing our show. Our deepest appreciation also goes to parents for trusting us to mold your kids into future leaders.


World Dog Day

Term 2

Hampton pupils had great time learning about World Dog Day

Our pupils had great time learning about World Dog Day last week. It was a precious opportunity for them to learn about the role of animals in our lives.

World Dog Day was started on August 26, 2004, by pet and family lifestyle expert and animal rescue advocate, Colleen Paige. She chose August 26 because it was the date her family adopted their first dog ‘Sheltie’ from an animal shelter home.

Dog day was created so that all breeds of dogs can be celebrated for the special bond they form with humans. This day also helps to galvanize the public so they can be aware of the difficulties these lovely creatures go through.

Our pupils had fun making various crafts to celebrate Man’s best friend. Seeing their faces light up as they cut out the shapes and glued together the separate parts was a joy to watch.

Asides from the fun activities, we also had engaging conversations where they learned about some fun facts about dogs. We also discussed the difficulties faced by abandoned and stray dogs and how we can help. We taught our pupils how we share this planet with many other creatures and how it is our responsibility, as good citizens, to care for all of nature’s animals.


National Ice Cream Day at Hampton

Term 2

National Ice Cream Day at Hampton

This year’s National Ice Cream Day was a wonderful experience for pupils at Hampton School who were given a special ice cream treat by the Angel Berry team.

National Ice Cream Day became an official food holiday in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan of the United States declared the month of July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day.

Our pupils enjoyed several flavours of tasty, creamy ice cream; we seized the opportunity to explore the history of ice cream, as well as the manufacturing process through engaging presentations and activities. Ice cream is a significant part of childhood and our pupils were fascinated as they learned about it. Our pupils also took part in in several fun activities and drawing competitions. It was a joyful experience to watch them play, learn, and interact with their peers through their shared love of ice cream.

At Hampton School, we are so passionate about harnessing in-class and out-of-class activities to give our pupils the absolute best learning experiences. We are extremely proud of using this year’s National Ice Cream Day to create a memorable experience for our pupils.

Our special thanks go to the Angel Berry team for spending time with us to create happy memories our pupils will forever cherish.


Nothing Quite Stacks Up Like Pancake Day at Hampton!

Term 1

Hampton Pupils Learning How To Make Pancakes

Pancake Day is a crowd favorite at Hampton School. Our day care, pre-primary, and primary school pupils gobbled down their very own pancake creations during this special themed education day.

This event, planned by our dedicated staff, helped to meet Hampton School’s mission of developing well-rounded pupils who are uniquely educated. The goal is to leave the pupils with greater knowledge and lasting memories. This type of educational event is one of many examples that sets Hampton apart from other schools.

As mentioned, one of the highlights of the day was the opportunity each student had to create their own pancakes. To help achieve this we invited qualified Chefs to our school! Cooking can teach pupils a number of valuable skills, from measurements to fine motor skills and beyond. Our pupils are important to us, and we want to make sure they are receiving a holistic education. Our staff works diligently to ensure that all pupils are receiving the education that will be a foundational step to a bright future.

Everyone at Hampton School would like to give a big thanks to Chef Dhomun and Chef Avinash Cheenatur for their enthusiasm and care when teaching our pupils how to cook. Judging by their grins, we’re sure our pupils enjoyed every moment of this cooking masterclass!

Pre-Primary School and Primary Department

Pre-Primary School and Primary Department

  • Learning to make Pancakes at Hampton Curepipe 2020
  • Hampton school students learning how to cook pancakes
  • Class One pupils learning stirring pancake mix
  • Learning to make Pancakes at Hampton Curepipe 2020
  • Pancakes made by Hampton Pupils
  • Hampton School Daycare Pupils making Pancake Day Crafts 2020
  • Hampton Day care Department kids making Pancake Day Crafts 2020
  • Pancake Day at Hampton School Quatre-Bornes
  • Professional Chef teaching Hampton Pupils how to make pancakes
  • Pre-Primary Pupils at Hampton School Quatre-Bornes learning how to make pancakes
  • Hampton School Pupils celebrate Pancake Day
  • Pre-Primay Pupils learning all about the Pancake mix!
  • Pancake Day 2020 at Hampton Primary School Quatre-Bornes
  • Chef Avinash Cheenatur teaching Hampton School pupils how to make a perfect pancake!

Celebrating the Chinese New Year in STYLE!

Term 1

Hampton School pupils celebrate the Year of The Rat!

The Chinese New Year, or the Lunar New Year, is a festival of celebrations that begins at the start of the Chinese calendar New Year. In 2020, this celebration fell on January 25. Each new year is known as the year of a certain animal. This year is the year of the Rat.

Celebrations typically include red decorations, as red is a color of luck in Chinese tradition; time with family and friends; and enjoying tasty food.

Our pupils in our Day care, Pre-Primary and Primary department fell suite with these traditions this year, as they made Chinese lanterns and other art pieces. As part of their weekly cooking class pupils also learned how to make some traditional Chinese snacks in the school kitchen.

Day Care Department

Our Day care pupils working independently on their Chinese New Year craft work!

Pre-Primary School

At Hampton School, pupils in our Pre-Primary department LOVE their weekly cooking classes! Here we can our pupils really getting involved making their Chinese desserts!

Primary School

Our Primary pupil busy working on their Chinese New Year bookmark themed on the Year of the Rat!

The celebration, which takes a lot of planning on the part of Hampton staff, was celebrated over the span of a week where pupils were able to learn more about the Chinese culture and this fantastically interesting holiday. This is just another way we at Hampton work hard to provide a unique learning experience to our pupils.