Hampton Primary School News 2023

Our Pupils Celebrate Music Day with an Irresistibly Cute Assembly!

Term 2

Reflections on a Remarkable Father's Day Celebration

Our pupils stole the show with their adorable assembly performance on the occasion of Music Day! Although small in scale, their heartfelt performance filled our hearts with joy and admiration. It was a beautiful sight to witness as they celebrated the power and magic of music, sharing their remarkable talents with the entire school community.

Music has a special way of bringing us together, and that's exactly what happened during this memorable assembly. The enthusiasm and passion displayed by our pupils were truly inspiring. They showcased their musical skills, creating a captivating atmosphere that resonated with every soul in the room.

We want to take this moment to appreciate our talented pupils for their dedication and hard work. They remind us that music is not just notes and melodies, but a language that unites us all. Let's continue to celebrate the gift of music and let it fill our lives with harmony and joy.


Reflections on a Remarkable Father's Day Celebration

Term 2

Reflections on a Remarkable Father's Day Celebration

Last week, our school community came alive with the excitement of Father's Day, and our pupils truly outdid themselves. They embarked on a mission to honor their beloved fathers in the most heartfelt and creative way possible. Each activity was thoughtfully planned, and the joy of our young learners at our primary and pre-primary school in Mauritius was contagious.

Our talented students unleashed their creativity by crafting heartwarming cards for their fathers. Each stroke of color, every glittering piece, was applied with care, ultimately creating a masterpiece expressing their admiration and gratitude. Seeing their little hands at work, turning simple paper into a token of love, was genuinely inspiring.

In the kitchen, our pupils donned their aprons, morphing into culinary prodigies as they cooked up delicious treats. Their pride was evident as they carefully plated each tasty surprise, ready to delight their fathers' taste buds. The culmination of their efforts was not only delicious but also served as a reflection of their love and appreciation.

The highlight of the celebration was a special sketch performed by our young actors. They stood on stage, depicting the importance of fathers in our lives with emotion and conviction. The performances, filled with heart and humor, were a tribute to their real-life heroes, their fathers.

So, to all the extraordinary fathers in our community and beyond, we extend our warmest wishes. Your unwavering support, guidance, and love play a vital role in our lives and the lives of our students. We hope you enjoyed the tributes and heartfelt expressions of love from our incredible pupils on this special day. You truly deserve all the recognition and appreciation.

At our pre-primary and primary school in Mauritius, we strive to create memorable experiences that reinforce the values of gratitude and respect. As we nurture our students' growth, we aim to instill these values through such meaningful celebrations. Happy Father's Day!


From Tiny Hands to Big Hearts: Unforgettable Mother's Day Celebrations at Our School!"

Term 2

Mother's Day at Hampton School Mauritius

When it comes to special occasions, our school shines brightly, and Mother's Day was no exception. This year, our young learners in our daycare, pre-primary, and primary departments embraced the day with enthusiasm and delight.

Our classrooms buzzed with cheerful energy as our students crafted handmade cards with a heartfelt touch. The sight of each unique creation was genuinely touching, echoing the deep love they hold for their mothers. But their creativity didn't stop there. Our pupils poured their artistic skills into delightful crafts, their hands busily threading beads, molding clay, and folding paper to create unique tokens of love.

In our school kitchen, our budding chefs cooked up scrumptious treats. Their eyes sparkled with pride as they prepared the delicious goodies meant to surprise and delight their mothers.

And to all the amazing mothers who support, nurture, and love unconditionally, we say, "Thank you." We honor you today and every day for the invaluable role you play. We hope you had a day filled with happiness, love, and well-deserved indulgence.

Our Mother's Day celebration encapsulates the spirit of love and gratitude that we nurture at our pre-primary and primary school in Mauritius. We ensure that every special occasion is a joyful, educational experience that instills lifelong values in our pupils.

If you're looking for a private school in Mauritius that beautifully blends academics, personal growth, and warmth, our school is the place to be. We offer a vibrant, engaging environment that nurtures the best in every child, preparing them for a bright future. We can't wait to welcome you to our incredible learning community.


Exploring the Power of Press: Our Pupils' Journey on World Press Freedom Day!

Term 2

Exploring the Power of Press - Our Pupils' Journey on World Press Freedom Day!

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, our pupils had a remarkable opportunity to visit the prestigious Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation. It was an eye-opening experience as they delved into the world of journalism and witnessed firsthand the vital role the press plays in society.

Meeting with seasoned professionals, our pupils gained valuable insights into the workings of the media industry. They learned about the importance of objective reporting, journalistic ethics, and the responsibility of the press in providing accurate and unbiased information to the public. It was a momentous occasion that ignited their curiosity and deepened their understanding of the media's impact on our daily lives.

We believe in empowering our pupils to become critical thinkers and active participants in society. This visit was a significant step towards nurturing their understanding of the press's power and the importance of upholding press freedom. We are incredibly proud of their engagement and enthusiasm in grasping the complexities of this field.

Let's continue to celebrate the freedom of press and the dedicated professionals who strive to bring us news and information every day. Stay tuned for more updates as we share the remarkable experiences of our pupils during this eventful week!


Rise to the Occasion: Experience the Magic of Fête du Pain at Our School!

Term 2

We are absolutely thrilled to share an enriching excursion our pupils embarked on recently. In commemoration of the Fête du Pain, a celebration of the fine art of baking and the cultural significance of bread, our school organized an exciting trip to a working bakery! This event was another testament to the dynamic learning experiences we offer at our primary and pre-primary school in Mauritius.

The anticipation was palpable as our young learners entered the bakery, their senses immediately greeted by the mouth-watering aroma of fresh bread. Under the watchful eyes of skilled bakers, they observed the meticulous process of kneading dough, shaping loaves, and the final transformation in the oven. The joy on their faces as they watched their loaves turn golden was truly priceless.

Our adventurous students didn't stop at just watching – they rolled up their sleeves and got their hands floury, trying their hand at the craft of bread making. They learned about the different types of bread and understood the hard work and passion that goes into creating every delicious loaf we enjoy daily.

But the fun didn't stop there! Our dedicated teachers organized interactive cooking and art classes, further expanding on the Fête du Pain celebration. Through these hands-on experiences, our students gained a deep appreciation for this culinary art form and its cultural relevance. They worked with a variety of dough, shaping it into different types of bread and pastries.

This memorable experience was not just an enjoyable day out but a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to engage with the local community. The trip reinforced the real-world relevance of what they learn in school, making their education a truly holistic experience.

At our pre-primary and primary school, we strive to make learning a captivating journey that goes beyond the confines of a classroom. Our educational approach is designed to pique curiosity, encourage creativity, and foster a love for learning. We aim to provide our students with experiences that not only build their knowledge base but also shape their character and worldview.

The Fête du Pain celebration is just one of the numerous exciting events that paint a picture of our vibrant learning community. As we continue to nurture young minds, we remain committed to offering such invaluable experiences that fuel their passion for learning and help them grow into well-rounded individuals. We invite you to join us on this exciting educational journey.


Easter Magic Unleashed: A Memorable Journey of Joy and Discovery at Our School

Term 1

Warm Easter greetings to our amazing Hampton School parents! We trust you and your loved ones are enjoying a day overflowing with joy and happiness.

We thought this would be a perfect time to share the exciting Easter activities that your adorable children engaged in at our school this year. From thrilling Easter egg hunts to hands-on arts and crafts, it's safe to say our students had an absolute blast!

At Hampton School, the premier private pre-primary and primary school in Mauritius, we genuinely believe that moments like these create lasting memories. We are so honored to play a part in shaping these precious experiences.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for entrusting us with your child's education and for allowing us to be a part of their growth journey. We hope you all have a delightful Easter and cherish this special time with your loved ones. From all of us at Hampton School, Happy Easter!


Celebrating National Milk Day

Term 1

If you're searching for a friendly primary school in Mauritius, let me share with you a recent day in our school that may warm your heart. We commemorated a day filled with delight and learning, none other than National Milk Day. As a well-respected private educational institution, we believe in offering a holistic educational experience, and such special days of learning are an integral part of our curriculum.

The school was buzzing with anticipation as our curious learners eagerly participated in the exciting activities we had planned for them. National Milk Day was devoted to creating memorable experiences that help children appreciate the significance of milk in their everyday lives.

Our enthusiastic team organized innovative activities centered around milk, a household staple and a source of essential nutrients for our young learners. Students engaged in entertaining and informative educational sessions where they learned about the nutritional advantages of milk and its role in promoting overall health and wellbeing.

One of the highlights of the day was milk tasting. Children were introduced to different types of milk and dairy products, discovering the process behind their production and enjoying the exploration of diverse flavors. The wide range of foods derived from milk, such as cheese and yogurt, fascinated many of our young learners!

An intriguing 'Milk and Health' discussion focused on the nutritional aspects of milk. Children learned about the proteins, calcium, and vitamins found in milk, and how they contribute to their growth and development. It was a day filled with invaluable learnings and unforgettable experiences at our friendly primary school in Mauritius.

To reinforce their knowledge, we arranged interactive quizzes and puzzles. Witnessing the children's enthusiastic participation and application of their newfound knowledge was heartwarming and a testament to our commitment to quality education at our private primary school.

In the spirit of National Milk Day, we also explored the origins and history of the day, as well as the role of dairy farming in Mauritius. This gave students a deeper understanding of their country's agricultural practices and local economy.

As the day drew to a close, cheerful laughter filled the air as animated conversations about favorite moments took place. We believe that these joyful moments, combined with the knowledge gained, will leave a lasting impact on our students.

Choosing a primary school is a significant decision that lays the foundation for your child's future. At our friendly primary school in Mauritius, we guarantee an enriching learning environment that fosters curiosity and growth. Our National Milk Day celebration is just a glimpse of our commitment to delivering a well-rounded and interactive learning experience. We eagerly anticipate many more fun-filled and enlightening explorations in the future.