How to read with your child

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Reading aloud with your child is an important part of their education. It teaches them how to speak fluently, listen carefully, and eventually, the ability to read by themselves.

Here are 5 tips to make the time you spend reading with your child, more effective.

  1. Show them the cover

    Before reading to your child, show them the cover of the book and ask them questions about it. This is a great way to engage their interest and work their imagination.

  2. Test your child's interest and progress

    Children can be easily distracted. To keep them focused ask questions such as how they think the characters are feeling? What do they think will happen next? This helps to keep them interested and tests their predictive skills.

  3. Check newly acquired skills

    Stories contain diversified vocabulary. Whenever new words pop up, make them guess the meaning by using picture clues. Break down sentences they do not understand and constantly ask simple question.

  4. Make it engaging

    Children tend to be more attentive when the story comes to life. They need to differentiate between characters to follow the plot. Using separate voices and nuancing lines is a good trick.

  5. Get feedback from your child

    At the end of the book ask your child what they enjoyed or disliked about the story and explain why. Asking these types of questions improves their oral fluency. It also encourages them to form opinions and gives them the confidence to express their preferences more.

Any one of these 5 tips should engage your child with reading and hopefully start them on a journey of being a lifelong reader.