How to help your child succeed in school

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At Hampton, we want the very best for our pupils and as parents we're sure you want the same. Here are 5 things you can do to help your child succeed in school

  1. Ensure regular attendance

    To keep up with a face paced curriculum a teacher has to continue moving forward with their class regardless of who's absent. As every class builds on the previous, if your child misses one lesson, it creates a gap in their learning. When they return back to school they may feel lost. Therefore, when absences occur, please make sure you ask for any homework given and ensure your child completes it before returning to school.

  2. Turn In All Homework

    Homework teaches pupils to work independently and it also helps the teacher pin point where a pupil is facing difficulty. It is essential, therefore, that all homework be completed by-your-child and turned in on time.

  3. Encourage Your Child with Praise

    Your child's self-esteem is important to their success. It is important for you to praise them when they're doing well and give them encouragement when they need it. They need to believe they are succeeding and can succeed and this depends largely on what you say to them.

  4. Avoid Multi-tasking

    Some pupils believe they can follow the teacher and take notes at the same time or complete their homework and watch TV! This approach does not work. Logically pupils can only give their full attention to one thing or the other. Please encourage good study habits by reminding your child concentrate on one thing at a time.

  5. Encourage Reading

    The foundation for success in school is good reading habits. Read with your child. As they get older encourage them to read on their own and always try to set a good example by reading in their company. Make reading a fun thing you do together.

Competition in schools is stronger today than ever before. Set your child up to succeed by following these five simple tips. What is learned in school today will directly impact their success as adults in the workforce tomorrow.