Help Your Child Learn English Quickly

English is the most-widely declared "official" language around the world and is also the one most commonly spoken or written when conducting business or during online internet-based communications. Beyond its global popularity, most of the scholarly text books utilised in schools across Mauritius are printed in the English language. So, for children to best grasp their subject matter and succeed in academics, it is imperative they learn basic English at an early age.

Speaking of young ages, did you know that the still-developing brains of children have higher rates of neuro-plasticity than those of adults? That's why learning (and notably, learning new languages) seems to come so much more easily to children than their parents.

For all those reasons, it is essential that children today learn how to speak the third most commonly spoken human language. We've put together some notes and an accompanying "Teach Your Child English Infographic" to assist you in helping your youngsters to learn English.

Teaching children to speak English need not be boring and tedious. Rather, due to their curious and playful nature, teaching your children English can be fun for the entire family.

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Infopgrahic Learn English Quickly

In concert with the accompanying "Teach Your Child English Infographic," here are some ideas of how you can enjoy quality time with your child while teaching them something new:

Because parents play such a critical role in the development of their children, our school highly promotes the principals of a combined effort in teaching the English language to our young learners. A home and school cooperative helps to build the language skills that will make your children and our pupils successful in life.

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