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Hampton Primary School's reputation as one of the best private, co-educational, English-medium schools in Mauritius is well deserved. We have a superior academic record and pride ourselves on providing a pleasant, results-oriented atmosphere where students can learn, work, and grow. Parents view Hampton School as a friendly and professional environment where their child receives a strong, well-rounded education based on academic excellence.

Our teaching philosophy is one of mutual respect whereby we accept our responsibility to pro-actively apply best-practices encourage each pupil to work to give their best. We understand that these are critical formative years for not only their intellectual power but also their character and we take this task very seriously. We are certain that every child will find an area in which he or she excels.

We have a wonderfully diverse student body drawn from both local Mauritian residents and children of expats temporarily here on our beautiful island. Diversity is our strength and our common purpose is to help all of our pupils fulfil their potential. We value each individual for his or her unique and special qualities. We expect high standards of behaviour, founded on self-discipline and responsibility, from every pupil. At Hampton School, we work to ensure that all relationships stem from mutual respect combined with genuine concern and compassion for others.

Children usually enrol in our school in Day Care, from ages one through three, and then move onto the Pre-Primary School for ages three through five. They then continue to the Primary School from ages six through eleven. At the end of Class 6, our pupils go on to take the national CPE examination.

Hampton School pupils regularly achieve a 100% passing rate when taking CPE examinations, but more importantly, the majority of our pupils gain admission into the top state secondary colleges across Mauritius. Graduates of Hampton School are clearly top performers.

But we know producing pupils who perform excellently at exams is not enough. That is why at Hampton School pupils also learn what they need to know to succeed in life. We challenge the pupils in all our departments, day care, pre-primary and primary, to be inquisitive, resilient and embrace change both in and out of the classroom. This helps to develop a confidence in them—they know that they can make things happen which places them on the path to success.

We invite you to visit Hampton School for yourself. Find out how we can help and encourage your child to develop the necessary skills for a successful and fulfilling life.

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