Choosing a school for your child will be one of the most important decisions you'll have to make.

We understand. That's why we've compiled this list which lets you know what we offer

The answer is YES
  • Is Hampton an English medium School?
  • Does Hampton School follow a British style curriculum?
  • My child only speaks French, can they join?
  • Will they be able to cope?
  • Are the class sizes kept small?
  • Do parents receive feedback about their child's progress throughout the year?
  • Are parents-teachers held meeting each year?
  • Does the school issue regular newsletters to parents?
  • Do pupils use higher standard foreign text books?
  • Are additional worksheets issued to pupils?
  • Are all Hampton School pupils issued with a school diary?
  • Is French taught?
  • Do pupils in class 6 sit for the Certificate of Primary Education (CPE)?
  • Do Hampton Primary School pupils take the Alliance Francais exam?
  • Do they also take the Young Cambridge Learners exam?
  • Are specialist teachers used for Music, Oriental languages and Physical Education?
  • Is Oriental Languages optional?
  • Do pupils go for swimming lessons?
  • Do pupils go on field trips?
  • Are they given project work during the holidays?
  • Do pupils take part in national events and competitions?
  • Do pupils have to wear a school uniform?
  • Do guest speakers or organizations visit through the year to give talks to the pupils?
  • Does the school offer a school bus service?
  • Will my child love Hampton?

One Stop School

Your child will earn the following qualifications when they join Hampton Primary School:

  1. PSAC Qualification National Exam
  2. Young Cambridge Learners Certificate International Exam
  3. Alliance Francais Certificate International Exam

When your child graduates from Hampton School, they will have ALL THE QUALIFICATIONS NECESSARY TO SUCCEED on the next step of their academic journey.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Your child deserves the best. Enrolling at Hampton is easier than you may think. To find out more details, please contact us using the form below.

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